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INNOVATION CULTURE Transforming Business

Why Avinance

It’s pretty simple:
Transforming Business

One of the fundamental promises we gave ourselves when Avinance was born, is to always keep pace with the latest innovations and technologies to provide our clients and their customer base with unparalleled user experiences.

Using the latest development technologies and design trends, we thrive to bring the most vibrant and upbeat Internet and mobile media based solutions and applications to the market.

We develop innovative, creative and tailor made software and hardware products, with special focus on Internet and mobile applications, M2M, ML, AI, Fintech and industrial solutions for businesses within entertainment industry, broadcasting, e-commerce, utilities, telecommunications, automation, financial market, capital market, and all the way to aerospace technologies within academia.

The combined technical and business teams at Avinance are capable to create concepts translating imagination into time-sensitive system solutions that will blow the end-users’ mind, let alone our clients.

Our portfolio offers innovative solutions that are unique, providing features and designs that reflect the corporate identity of our clients following the latest trends and technologies.

The tailor-made solutions and services are designed to complete software and hardware development and manufacturing projects in the shortest time, yet to deliver products with the highest quality. Our solutions offer unparalleled capability and flexibility. While designing our products and solutions, we indeed focus on significantly cutting our clients’ costs without impacting product quality or delivery times.

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Innovation Culture

Each one of our solutions provides a versatile, effective and flexible management and administration panel to update and control the behaviors of the system, e.g. selection of features, contents, user interactions, financial transactions, social media integration, and various demographics. The applications we develop are unique and customized to specific business needs of our clients.

We have designed and implemented advanced Content Management System within our solutions’ workflow to help our clients creating, editing and managing the contents of their services to increase their customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty.

Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging media, fintech, and mobile business trends, Avinance Group delivers a range of software solutions in accordance to the international standard of IEEE Software Requirements Specifications (STD 830-1993).

Both our software and hardware solutions are developed and tested in cooperation with our business partners in Sweden, Japan, Switzerland and Estonia.

Partner With Avinance

On what platform are you delivering your contents to your end-users? Is that platform flexible and easy enough to operate? Is it solid enough to deliver all required features and capabilities as well as enabling you to secure your wanted position and the expected revenue? Are you fully satisfied?

You can quickly and easily migrate your entire platform including contents, meta-data, user database, reports, financial history, applications and more to our various software platforms in a quick and hassle-free manner.

You will either use one of our existing platforms, or we will design your new platform and take care of a smooth migration, while you continue focusing on your business growth activities.

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You can obtain temporary software licenses from us to test one of our standard products during a trial period – free of charge. You only pay for the operational work (installation and integration). If you like it, we’ll be delighted to be your proud business partner. If you don’t, we sincerely thank you for testing our software solutions.



In accordance to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), we have pending international patent at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) concerning unique and novel digital technologies. Our inventions include 29 patent claims.