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Products and Solutions

Our talented group of system architects, programmers and data scientists design and develop secure frameworks, integrated systems, architectures, and algorithms based on Machine-To-Machine, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence technologies that can easily and quickly be adapted to our clients’ requirements.

Our end-to-end network and business management products and solutions – software as well as hardware – can be used in a wide range of industrial-grade systems to monitor and control various types of networks (e.g. electricity power grids, gas distribution, traffic control, security), optimizing real-time data communications, and industrial automation to mention a few. See some of our products and solutions below!

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Our various products certainly have different capabilities and features depending on the selected platform and customized solution. The state-of-the-art LPWAN Modem and Gateway operates with ranges greater than 15 kilometers with a power consumption as low as 300mA.

The SCADA (Supervisory Controls And Data Acquisition) solution provide, among others, end-to-end encryption, multi-layered and distributed architecture, firewall support, and dynamic and easy-to-use administration panel to mention a few.

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