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// Fintech Solutions

Fintech Solutions

Our innovative and revolutionizing financial software solutions improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. ​​​At its core, our solutions help businesses and consumers to better manage their financial operations, processes, and live by utilizing specialized proprietary software and algorithms.

Our fintech solutions apply to back-end systems of established financial institutions, but also to consumer-oriented services including different sectors and industries such as trade, education, retail banking, and investment management to name a few.







We support AirPlay for websites and iOS applications though in-built features in our platforms. No extra efforts are needed by the end-users to enable the feature.

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On our AirPlay powered platforms, the end-user can simply watch a video of choice on a big screen connected via Apple TV through any website or iOS based device.

Apple Support

Our platforms, by default, enable end-users to access required contents by any iOS device (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro or iPod Touch application).

//Fintech Features
Fintech Features.
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Fintech Features


Supporting Virtual Currency Payment Products and Services


Supporting Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions

Powerful API

Providing instant risk profiling of wallets

Visual Analytics

Enables professional blockchain transaction monitoring, risk assessment, and in-depth KYT investigations


Ensure authorized content access, enable micro-monetization and smart contracts for digital rights management, encrypted transaction, peer-peer content delivery, and more!

Cross-Chain Tracking

A protocol that tracks value through utility/security exchanges, atomic swaps, custodian accounts, gambling sites and any other platform used for exchanging digital assets and tokens.

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