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Each one of our solutions provide a versatile, effective and flexible management and administration panel to update and control the behaviors of the system, e.g. selection of features, contents, user interactions, financial transactions, social media integration, and various demographics. The applications we develop are unique and customized to specific business needs of our clients.
We have designed and implemented advanced Content Management System within our solutions’ workflow to help our clients creating, editing and managing the contents of their services to increase their customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty.
Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging media and mobile business trends, Avinance delivers a range of software development solutions in accordance to the international standard of IEEE Software Requirements Specifications (STD 830-1993).










Android TV

Samsung Tizen



Chrome cast

By Avinance Media’s Chromecast connected ecosystem, you can empower your end-users (viewers) to easily watch their favorite TV shows, movies and videos from your streaming platform on the comfort and luxury of a Big Screen TV. Avinance Media’s solution, embedding in-built Chromecast connect feature, enables your end-users to access entertainment contents from your streaming platform through their Chromecast connected TV screens and similar devices without installing additional applications or add-ons. Enabled by our solution, the end-users can watch any content through an ordinary website or on any mobile device, with installed Google Cast, by selecting a single button.

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All Avinance Media powered video streaming platforms embed Chromecast connect feature for websites and mobile applications.

Web Brower Support

Avinance Media offers extensive Chromecast support for websites and web browsers with Google Cast extension installed.

Mobile Applications support

We offers a seamless Chromecast experience for applications on Android and iOS platforms, so that the Android and iOS mobile users can easily cast videos on their connected larger screens in an instant.

Video Advertisement Support

Our platform easily and seamlessly support video advertisement if your advertisement server is able to support playback onto large screen TVs and Chromecast. Through this option, you can increase your revenue and monetizing opportunities.

Offline Viewing Support

We support offline videos' casting to Chromecast. Users can download their favorite video content on the Chromecast application and watch it later. With this feature, our platform allows unrestricted streaming support to end-users even when they are offline.


We support AirPlay for websites and iOS applications though in-built features in our platforms. No extra efforts are needed by the end-users to enable the feature.

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On our AirPlay powered platforms, the end-user can simply watch a video of choice on a big screen connected via Apple TV through any website or iOS based device.

Apple Support

Our platforms, by default, enable end-users to access required contents by any iOS device (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro or iPod Touch application).